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Men are women but real women are being forced to give up our rights for single-sex space.

I remember, many many years ago, reading a quote from Barbra Streisand that said something along the lines of her greatest fear was being injured, laying there in the street, and people standing around and taking pictures and telling each other it was Barbara Streisand and not helping her. The point being everyone would look but not help.

That’s how I feel about the women who are being forced to be incarcerated with men.

From the women being leered at, threatened, harassed, and assaulted while they sleep in their bunks or while they shower, to being groped, spit on, threatened, and raped. It’s as if society is standing around, watching this, talking about it, and then turning their backs and walking away.

I have lost so many women followers on Twitter because they were silenced for speaking out about their experiences in prison with biological males. I have a glimmer of hope with Elon Musk taking over Twitter, but that doesn’t help anyone today or even tomorrow.

I shouldn’t be surprised that these women have been silenced, but I am. Perhaps I am still naive in my belief in human rights for women, but not having them is not something I will ever get used to.

I am currently reading several stories about women inmates that have had a Form 115 written up on them. This is a discipline report that the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation uses for serious rule violations. The violations consisted of misgendering a male prisoner as “he”, stating they felt uncomfortable sharing a 10×15 cell with a man, to reporting being physically or verbally assaulted.

It would be nice if the Department of Corrections used as much diligence in supporting women as they do with protecting the predators and abusers they have forced them to live with.

We are seeing the immediate effects on these women but there is also the long-term effect of dealing with past trauma and transgressions, to building a new future with hopeful optimism and a support system. A system that forces you to be housed with an abuser is a system that has already determined that you will fail and that is where they are putting their time, energy, and work towards.

Making sure women fail and are kept silent. Evil is never pleasant to see or talk about but what is being done to these women is evil.

Many of the males in women’s prisons are convicted sex offenders who know how to work the system. There are no repercussions or punishment for them abusing the women or taunting the women and it doesn’t help that the ACLU is covering their costs.

Maybe the fact that a CDCR lieutenant was one of 19 arrested in human trafficking would be a good place to start looking.

Three people were arrested for trying to contact juveniles for lewd purposes through social media and dating apps. One of those arrested was a lieutenant with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Lt. Jose Donaciano Valdez allegedly tried to meet with a 13-year-old girl at a hotel but the girl turned out to be an undercover officer. CDCR told 17 news that Valdez has been placed on administrative leave.

Let’s start by looking at the people running these facilities. Let’s put body cameras on all the staff and put everything out in the open. Let us see what is going on there 24/7 and see the truth. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

You don’t need to look too far for the people behind the attempted genocide of women. You just have to find out who benefits and it’s always the predator.