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Men are women but real women are being forced to give up our rights for single-sex space.

I remember, many many years ago, reading a quote from Barbra Streisand that said something along the lines of her greatest fear was being injured, laying there in the street, and people standing around and taking pictures and telling each other it was Barbara Streisand and not helping her. The point being everyone would look but not help.

That’s how I feel about the women who are being forced to be incarcerated with men.

From the women being leered at, threatened, harassed, and assaulted while they sleep in their bunks or while they shower, to being groped, spit on, threatened, and raped. It’s as if society is standing around, watching this, talking about it, and then turning their backs and walking away.

I have lost so many women followers on Twitter because they were silenced for speaking out about their experiences in prison with biological males. I have a glimmer of hope with Elon Musk taking over Twitter, but that doesn’t help anyone today or even tomorrow.

I shouldn’t be surprised that these women have been silenced, but I am. Perhaps I am still naive in my belief in human rights for women, but not having them is not something I will ever get used to.

I am currently reading several stories about women inmates that have had a Form 115 written up on them. This is a discipline report that the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation uses for serious rule violations. The violations consisted of misgendering a male prisoner as “he”, stating they felt uncomfortable sharing a 10×15 cell with a man, to reporting being physically or verbally assaulted.

It would be nice if the Department of Corrections used as much diligence in supporting women as they do with protecting the predators and abusers they have forced them to live with.

We are seeing the immediate effects on these women but there is also the long-term effect of dealing with past trauma and transgressions, to building a new future with hopeful optimism and a support system. A system that forces you to be housed with an abuser is a system that has already determined that you will fail and that is where they are putting their time, energy, and work towards.

Making sure women fail and are kept silent. Evil is never pleasant to see or talk about but what is being done to these women is evil.

Many of the males in women’s prisons are convicted sex offenders who know how to work the system. There are no repercussions or punishment for them abusing the women or taunting the women and it doesn’t help that the ACLU is covering their costs.

Maybe the fact that a CDCR lieutenant was one of 19 arrested in human trafficking would be a good place to start looking.

Three people were arrested for trying to contact juveniles for lewd purposes through social media and dating apps. One of those arrested was a lieutenant with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Lt. Jose Donaciano Valdez allegedly tried to meet with a 13-year-old girl at a hotel but the girl turned out to be an undercover officer. CDCR told 17 news that Valdez has been placed on administrative leave.

Let’s start by looking at the people running these facilities. Let’s put body cameras on all the staff and put everything out in the open. Let us see what is going on there 24/7 and see the truth. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

You don’t need to look too far for the people behind the attempted genocide of women. You just have to find out who benefits and it’s always the predator.

Harvey Marcelin – Serial Killer of Women to be housed with female inmates

This is the face of an 84-year-old man who is now identifying as a female. He has lived his life as a male and has never undergone hormone therapy, counseling, or any type of sex reassignment surgery.  He has never even dressed as a woman or had any of his legal documents changed. He identified as a male until he was recently arrested and suddenly, he says he is a woman and the entire judicial system is playing along.

This is the face of a man named Harvey Marcelin who is a male serial killer of women who will now be housed with women as he serves out his sentence for the murder and butchering of  Susan Leyden. Her remains were found in his home. 

He murdered her 1 week after being released from prison.

This is a man who was last seen with Susan Leyden as she was entering his home with a colorful bag on 2/27/2022.

On 3/3/2022 a woman’s torso was discovered in a garbage bag on a busy street in New York.

On 3/8/2022 a leg was discovered a few blocks from where the torso was found. A search of his home turned up a human head and electric saws. A severed leg was found 4 blocks from his home.

He was found sitting on Leyden’s severed leg in a store while in a wheelchair.

Harvey has been a busy boy.

  • In 1957 he was arrested on an assault charge.
  • In 1962 he was charged with attempted rape, but the charges were dropped after the victim failed to appear in court.
  • In 1963, he murdered his girlfriend, Jaqueline Bonds, by shooting her in the face. He was sentenced to 20 years to life. He was released in 1984 after serving only 13 years.
  • In 1985, he fatally stabbed another girlfriend, Anna Laura, and dumped her body in a bag on a road near Central Park. He was able to plea bargain down from first-degree murder to manslaughter. He was sentenced to 6-12  years.

He blamed his crimes on “Youth and poor judgment.”

While in custody in 2001 he was found having oral sex with another inmate. Nothing was done. No penalty and no punishment.

He has spent more than 50 years in jail.

Susan Leyden -RIP

“I have problems with women,” said HarveyMarcelin, & proved it by killing 3 of them.  Then he magically became one. Now, this serial killer, this violent, hateful misogynist, will be held in a woman’s prison.  Because what men want, men get.  And fuck the safety of women.”

This tweet succinctly summarized my exact feelings about this and all the other predators, not only being allowed to prey on women but actually encouraged to do so.

When Oren Yaniv, the Director of Communication at Brooklyn’s District Attorney’s office was asked if he would be incarcerated in a female correctional facility, he said “To the best of my knowledge, yes.”

When Yaniv was asked about the precautions to be taken to protect inmates and his concern about their safety, his response was “I’m sure they are taking precautions now.”

Does he not know and understand the law? The facility CANNOT treat Harvey any differently than the women already incarcerated. That would be discrimination against poor Harvey and hurt his feelings. Once a man says he’s a woman, everything changes. He has to not only be referred to by their preferred pronouns, but you also cannot do anything to treat them differently from any biological female. He will be allowed to shower with women, sleep in the same cell as women, and as we have learned in California if there is a complaint against him, the person filing the complaint will be disciplined. Women inmates have been disciplined when they reported being assaulted because they said “he” instead of “she” when referring to the man who attacked them.

He’s sure. He doesn’t know, but he’s sure it will all be just fine. I wonder if he would feel that way if he cared about a female inmate that would be housed near or with Harvey. Maybe then he would find out and do all he could do to protect the women. But he’s sure.

But Yaniv has taken extra care to use the pronoun of “she” when referring to Harvey. He said he wanted to make sure to show Harvey the proper respect.

Read that again – The DA’s office’s highest priority is showing a serial killer of women the proper respect.

Men’s feelings are more important than the safety of women and our mental health.

STOP REFERRING TO HARVEY AS “SHE!” EVERY SINGLE TIME ANYONE DOES THAT, YOU ARE GIVING VALIDITY AND POWER TO HIM AND TO ALL MEN THAT PRETEND TO BE WOMEN IN ORDER TO PREY ON US. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It chips away at our rights, our identity, who we are, and our safety. Just like water dripping on a rock, you may not be able to see the damage, but it’s there. Every. Single. Drop. It matters.

The BBC was forced to admit and edit the alleged “female” killer as a biological male. We should ALL do that. Enough is enough. You cannot change your biological sex and let’s stop pretending that you can.

If you would like to express your disgust and outrage at this insane situation, here are some links for you to use. Please use them liberally:

@OrenYaniv – Twitter

We have had a fight on our hands and it’s time to push back and not accept the loss of ourselves. I find the insanity impossible to understand but I can see it and refuse to agree to it, no matter what.

I was asked if this was a hill I was willing to die on and I didn’t have a second of hesitation when I said “YES!”

If you would like more information, feel free to message me and let me know what I can do to help. If we all speak up and take action, we can turn this around.

James Tubb is the name you want to remember. He is a 26-year-old man that was recently connected to a sexual assault of a young girl in a Denny’s bathroom in 2014 in Los Angeles.

He walked into the Denny’s bathroom, grabbed a 10-year-old girl by the throat, locked her in a stall, and put his hands down her pants. He only stopped when someone came in and he ran out.

He wasn’t arrested at that time but the case was picked up in 2019 via a DNA match.

Tubbs has been a busy man with an arrest record consisting of:


Drug possession

Probation violation in Idaho and Washington

He is currently pending a misdemeanor case in Washington.

He was also arrested for sexually assaulting a minor in Kern county.

When he was recently arrested he suddenly decided to self-ID as a female. The Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon refused to prosecute James as an adult, even though he’s now 26 years old because he didn’t want to harm James further.

He didn’t want to harm the adult sexual predator.

So, DA Attorney George Gascon refused to prosecute the repeat offender as an adult. I’m saying that twice because every time I type it I’m not sure I believe it but I know it’s true.

Gascon refuses to try him as an adult and he was sentenced to 2 years in a juvenile facility and will be housed with young girls.

Gascon’s reasoning is he vowed to stop prosecuting children as adults. He cites brain studies showing brain development isn’t complete until a person is 25 and contends juvenile detention can rehabilitate a young offender.

In other words “Fuck the law I’m going to do what I want!”

This is a man that hates women who has now partnered up with a predator of girls and women. That is the only reasoning I can possibly understand for this happening.

Judge Mario Barrera’s hands are tied because the filing of a transfer, in this case, to transfer to the county jail, is entirely within the desertion of the district attorney. The sheriff’s department offered to house James but Gascon never did the paperwork for the transfer, obviously on purpose.

In addition to serving out his sentence in juvenile hall, James Tubb won’t have to register as a sex offender, will not spend any time in county jail or state prison, be released with no probation, and will be released with no monitoring.

In other words, Gascon is going to send him out as quickly as possible to continue his predator activities.

There are absolutely no safety measures in place for the public and no safety measures for the girls or women in Juvenile Hall.

People wouldn’t be in a dangerous situation if they didn’t commit dangerous crimes. Put the blame where it belongs which is on the criminal and not on the victims. It’s not up to the victims to worry about securing the safety of the criminals nor is it up to women to put up with this kind of bullshit that many men are now using to continue praying on women and young girls.

Please feel free to reach out to DA Gascon at:

213-974-3512 or

I’m sure he’d love to hear from you…as long as you aren’t an adult human female. In that case, don’t bother since all that matters is the safety of men and their feelings.

I got called a TERF today,” I said as my friend sat down across from me in the booth. We were having dinner mid-week because we were both sick and tired of being at home.

“A turf? What kind? Bermuda? I’m more like crabgrass, I think,” she said.

“What? No, not turf, TERF,” I said. It made sense to me.,”T.E.R.F. You never heard of it?”

The blank look on her face answered my question.

“it’s an acronym for ‘Trans-exclusionary radical feminist’. It’s supposed to be a slur, I think. At least that’s how it was meant.” I sipped my iced tea and chuckled. I knew it was meant as an insult and at first, it stung for a moment, and then it made me smile.

As a writer, I had hit a nerve. A nice way to get paid; a reader responding is the whole point.

“The whole J.K Rowling thing is when I first heard about it. You know, she had the nerve to say that sex is biological. Can you even imagine?” I said.

“Oh, yeah. I heard a bit about that. Is it because of your work with women in prison?”

I nodded. “Yep. I knew it would eventually happen and I’m taking it as a badge of honor.”

“That’s good. Everyone is too afraid to say anything,” she said.

Our food arrived and we dug in and got caught up on the latest adventures, or lack of them in our lives.

I knew she was right. I knew I was sticking my neck out, but I didn’t care. It’s not as if I am anyone important or even well-known outside of my immediate life. I had a few followers online but rarely does anyone engage with me. Rarely did I engage with anyone else and I’m fine with that.

Until now. Now, I want to be heard and I want women to be safe. I don’t like that we women are aggressively being erased and told we aren’t real. When you tell someone, they aren’t real, you are saying they don’t exist.

No one has that right.

The hardest part is the amount of insanity that is being called logic and science and therefore truth. The “truth” is that anyone can change their biological sex just by saying so and we all must accept their reality and their truth.

The funny thing is, I’m fine with someone thinking that and feeling like that. I have no problem an individuals making changes that are closer to their own truth.

Somewhere along the line, the stance to keep women safe is equated as saying you hate trans people.

Like the time I said I hate liver. That doesn’t then mean I hate people who eat liver or any meat. It simply means that if liver is anywhere around me, I want to throw up.

A word is not the thing. Words represent the thing you are talking about.

2-sided logic. Reactive and not logical. Don’t like liver? That means you hate meat-eaters.

Do you want to stop males from housing with women inmates? You are anti-trans according to the “woke” mentality. 

The truth is, being an anti-predator does not mean anti-trans, and how that came to be thought as true is beyond me but here we are.

It’s lazy, sloppy, and does not see they are not equal or similar. Absolute values of right and wrong, yet there are thousands of shades of gray on right and wrong.

Neither one is an absolute yet 2-sided logic says that is all there is.

What’s unfortunate for me is I like to talk with people and discuss all kinds of topics, but I know that it is almost impossible for most on this topic.

I received a DM from someone that they were shocked at what I was posting. This is where I got called a TERF and she happily announced she had unfollowed me. I was going to respond and thought better of it, so I blocked her.

She immediately posted this and of course, the pile on started. I ignored it and went on with my day.

But it made me a bit sad because I would have loved to talk about it and explain that anti-predator has nothing to do with anti-trans and let’s all work together to make this a better place for all of us.

Staying silent gives them power. 

So, for those that object to 51% of the population (women) being raped by male prisoners  and degraded by them, this is why I and many of us are fighting for same-sex spaces, to allow women (and men) to have our own space, free from the opposite sex from interfering – the following are just a few of the men that are currently being housed in women prisons in the United States:

Jakob “Dakota” Neves – Massachusetts. Jakob is convicted of sexually exploiting two children under the age of 4, 1 count of distribution of child pornography, 1 count of possession of child pornography.

Jordan “Sora” Kuykendalic – Illinois. Stabbed his 17-year-old girlfriend to death.

Jose Smith – Iowa. Convicted of multiple (15 minimum) of child sex crimes, ages 1-13 years old. 

Miguel “Michelle” Martinez – Wyoming. Convicted of two counts of sexual abuse of a 10-year-old.

Water M. Moore “AKA Nikki Petrovickol – Maine. Murdered 41-year-old Connie Gagliardi.

Louis “Lisa” Massei – New York. Convicted of gang-raping a 16-year-old, attempted murder, sodomy, unlawful imprisonment.

Mark Campbell AKA Nicole Rose – Wisconsin. The repeated rape of his 10-year-old daughter.

David Josef Lovejoy AKA Kendra Michelle Lovejoy – Minnesota. Four decades of attempted burglary, sexual assault, sex offender registry violations, battery, disorderly conduct. Five counts of child pornography.

Luis Morales AKA Synthia Blast – New York. Raped and murdered a 13-year-old girl. The child was decapitated, dumped under a bridge, and set on fire.

If fighting for the safety and welfare of women makes me a TERF…well….thanks! The fight is just getting started.

I also publish at my Patreon site. If you are inclined to help support my work, you can subscribe there. It’s not necessary and I intend to keep doing the work regardless of payment, so it’s cool. I appreciate your support and following along.