If you communicate, be prepared to be punished

Posted: September 28, 2021 in Human Rights
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When women communicate, silence is often demanded and enforced afterward.

I had been off the Medium platform for over a year or so. I had been a member and paid my monthly $5.00 to have full access to all the writers and to hopefully make a few bucks. The $5.00 was like petty cash to me as it just came out of my Paypal account. Hardly noticeable and of no consequence to me.

On a good month, I broke even, but that was rare. It was and is never about the money. It’s always been about communication to others, the giving and receiving of communication. The money was always a way for a reader to help if they could and wanted to. Not everyone could and not everyone wanted to. It has always been fine with me either way.

I wrote for one of the feminist publications because I wanted to help and give a voice to the voiceless – female inmates.

I am well aware of the inclination and practice of most of society to lock people up and keep them out of our minds. “Out of sight, out of mind.” I get it. There are those that are a continuous danger to society and should remain in jail to keep the rest of us safe.

But that’s another topic for another time.

I wrote it and it was published. I kept my name on it as I needed to step up to the plate and take whatever hits would come my way.

There were some hits, but like all things on social media, it had its 15 minutes of fame and the mob moved onto the next shiny object.

Shortly after that, the publication was removed from Medium and the account canceled, along with the revenue stream.

This pissed me off big time. I canceled my account and began working more on my Patreon site and my blog.

I learned to never plant my flag in someone else’s garden. Plant it in your own and protect it.

Time goes by. The pandemic continues around the world and working from home has become normal for me. I even picked up more work and my life carried on.

I kept getting notifications from people reading and liking my Medium posts. Odd, since my last post was that I had left and wouldn’t be back.

After getting my 50th email about the traffic on my deserted Medium site, I thought maybe it had changed and improved. After all, everything had changed over the past 18 months; maybe Medium had stopped censoring women, so I signed up again and posted my latest blog.

I got the following email from Ev Williams:

I read it and decided to see what would happen if I responded and clearly stated my point of view, so I sent this email:

A couple of hours later, I got this email:</figure><figure>

I canceled my account and got the standard email of sorry to see me go.

I suspect if I had not responded to the “Welcome” email in the first place, I probaly wouldn’t have been nailed, but I’ll never know.

Here’s the post that got me silenced on Medium:


You just can’t make this shit up.

  1. Equus spirit says:

    Yeah, I know. I got the same thing in my own family. They just don’t “see” the distinction for some reason and I don’t know how to “paint” that picture any more clearly. It’s frustrating. I would love to talk to them about it, but they’ve shut me off. They’ll come back eventually. They always do.

    But until then, NUTS!! Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play? Best, ew

    • Susan Lewis says:

      Thank you so much for commenting! On one hand, it’s great that this is getting a response and on the other hand, I’m having to deal with a lot of hatred on the original post, I will probably lose followers and patrons but I no longer care.

      I know of three rapes and one resulting in pregnancy so here we are.

  2. Marla Hughes says:

    You are a warrior.

    • Susan Lewis says:

      I just can’t let this go. And the more I dig and learn, the more upset and determined I get. It’s so wrong and I can’t believe I’ve had to argue the point that you can’t suddenly change your biological body just by saying you “feel” a certain way. How insane is it that we are even having to fight this fight? Thanks for being there. My IRL friends help, but I’ve jumped into something that scares people to even mention.

      • MarlaHughes says:

        I’ve watched very intelligent people change their minds on such important issues based entirely upon how they think their circle will perceive them. It’s maddening.

      • Susan Lewis says:

        I’ve seen that too and it is maddening. It’s a complete lack of integrity and once you lose that, you’ve lost yourself.