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Really? What did you expect?

You sat down at your computer and you had a lot on your mind. It could have been the fight you had with the spouse/significant other/various other PC terms that I don’t give a rats ass about.

Or maybe you wanted to share a political point of view or something happened at work and you wanted to talk about it. Maybe you just wanted to say something and get it out of your system.

You sat down and you wrote about it and you poured your heart and guts into it and then you did the unforgivable.

You hit the enter key or the share key and you put your words out there for the entire world to read.

What did you expect? What did you really think would happen?

You thought that you would be accepted and that you would be understood and maybe even loved a bit for your words and your heart and your soul. You actually thought everything would be OK and that your world would be better for the one sin y0u committed that will never, ever be forgiven.

You had the audacity to communicate.

How dare you! How dare you go against the norm of THIS society and actually put down, in words, what you think and what you feel. No, you aren’t supposed to do that. You are NOT supposed to rock the boat or have a different opinion than others.

You have NO right to have an original thought.

You should burn in hell for that. We should all string you up, laugh at you, share your stupid post and be done with you!

But I won’t. I will read what you have to say. I will comment or not, but I will know that your words came from your heart and soul and it has nothing to do with what I think and I will not pass judgement on you until you do something really stupid and then I will nail your ass to the wall for it.

And that stupid thing is when an idiot comes along and bashes you and then you do something really idiotic.

You defend what you wrote! What? Oh no, don’t do that.

Then, because stupidity has a tendency to go downhill very fast, you then begin to argue and the fight begins.

You see, the reason you defend it is because there was something about what you wrote that wasn’t really “you” or who you are and you got nailed on it.

Soon the postings are going back and forth and I sit back and watch. I shake my head because you could have done several things and been fine with it.

You could have deleted their stupid comment. Remember, this is a social network and not a democracy and as far as I’m concerned, it’s my post and I don’t owe anyone anything.

You could have blocked them and saved yourself a lot of time and grief and used that for creative energy.

You could have ignored them, which is the biggest insult of all and trusted your dedicated readers to oust the troll that got out of his cage and chase him away.

The opposite of love is not hatred. It is indifference. You could have yawned your way out of it.

But you didn’t. You carried on with the drama and lowered yourself to their level. The more you defended your position, the greater the value you gave him. You showed everyone that this persons opinion of yourself was more important than your own.

Now, I can live with most of that, but then the real harm can follow after that which bugs the hell out of me.

You stopped communicating. You decided that it was all so horrible and terrible and no one likes you and you went outside and ate some worms or had a drink or even worse, came back on your post/blog and whined.

Screw you if you can’t take it. Seriously, screw you if you let anyone get in your way of communicating.

Because the thing that you forgot was for every negative comment you received, there were at least ten positive ones.

You kicked us good guys to the curb and that pisses me off. Even if no one ever responded or stroked you or said a word, why would you care?

Do you write and post to get approval? Go to hell and don’t waste my time.

But if you have something to say, then say it and let the chips fall where they may. Maybe no one will approve, but so what? These are your words and your stories and your soul and if you don’t think it’s important, why should I?

Go ahead and communicate and keep it up, no matter what.

I dare you.