When Did Feminism Become Being a Victim?

Posted: December 1, 2019 in Human Rights
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Photo by Elyssa Fahndrich on Unsplash

  1. Equus spirit says:

    For once I do disagree with you about something. Not much, but some.

    Words do hurt. They hurt the soul and emotions. Of all people, you should know that. They’re slippery little things that slide into the cracks of our armor and wound grievously. They can be so deadly. They can scar permanently.

    Maybe we ‘shouldn’t’ allow words to hurt us, but. like the armor of a dragon, there will always be that one small flaw in the armor plating, and I can guarantee you that somebody will find that one spot and exploit it. Furthermore, once they find it, no matter how hard you try to patch the hole, they’ll come right back to it and hit it again and again and again. If this sounds like the voice of experience, you are so right.

    I didn’t go with feminism the first go around because I didn’t truly understand it. I guess it takes age and wisdom to get there. I don’t particularly ‘like’ most women. I find them vapid and shallow in my Southern culture. That drives me nutty. If you’re not going to use the brains God gave you, just go away. I call them ‘fluff bunnies’.

    I’ll straighten out any person who balks about women’s rights in a heartbeat. A woman can accomplish two things that a man cannot; get pregnant and nourish that child. A man can do one thing that a woman cannot: sire a child. After that, it is a matter of brains and brawn. If you don’t have one, you use the other to get the work done. Any questions? They usually get the message very quickly.

    All of this is not about putting women ABOVE men, but about LEVELING the playing field. When the men quit protecting their junk and start playing fairly with us, we will have a better society.

    • Susan Lewis says:

      Your point is well taken. I mean after all look at the name of this blog right? Haha! I think the main thing is to not take words too seriously even though yes, they do hurt and I absolutely can see that point. It’s more along the lines of having that feeling that everything has to be censored and everyone must agree with us or whatever your point of view may be.