You can blame the pimps….partly.

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Human Rights
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Sure, without the pimps, there would be a lot less human trafficking of young girls and boys. I’m in favor of prosecuting the customers and helping the prostitutes. It’s the whole “supply and demand” factor.

But you have to dig much deeper to find out why that child went down the path they did.

What was lacking in their life? How was someone able to grab them and whisk them away?

For each child, there is perhaps a different answer.

I’m often asked “But what can we do? How do we stop this?”

I always answer “What can YOU do in your immediate area?”

Because that’s how this is done. You deal with your block, your neighborhood, your school, your city and start helping individuals.

Don’t expect anyone else to do it. Don’t wait for the government for they are always late on the scene. Laws are being passed, awareness and understanding is increasing, but it’s not enough.

To quote “Truckers Against Trafficking:”

“Imagine if these pimp’s words fell on deaf ears because young people knew they were worth more, knew people loved them, knew they had a future and a hope.

It is very important to be investing in the lives of our own children but also the lives of the youth around us.

Get involved in your community’s outreach programs.

Mentor, tutor, donate much needed supplies to local assistance programs, be kind to the kids in your neighborhood. 

Say hi to the morose teen.

If non-exploitative adults get involved, pimps and exploiters will struggle to get a foothold. Let’s stop allowing this to be so easy for them.” 

Pay attention to your children. Pay attention to the kids around you. Learn the signs. Teach them that they need not look outside themselves for validation. Give them love, too much love. Show them by example, that they are priceless and start with yourself.

Children learn by seeing more than by listening, but they do listen. They watch everything. They miss nothing.

  1. Blackhorn33 says:

    This is good, and helping and getting involved is great.
    First, let me say that you are one of the few good parents on this planet(if you are not a parent, I wish you were).We will never get a handle on a real large percentage of Our Children until the out-of-control Violence is taken care of. It has to be a prosecutable law put into effect for anyone committing any Violent act where a Child can witness the act or outcome. Read the CDCs “Connecting The Dots”.
    Second – You have to have Responsible Adults before you can teach Children Responsibility. Also ALL Parents need to have tighter restrictions on: The Phone, The TV, The Internet, and Games.
    Third – If I give you Links to what you need, this message will never make it to you. I have the Study when you want it, as of right now there is NO STATE that meets even minimum Federal Laws for Child Welfare.
    There are laws being passed, but they are so watered down they’re a joke. I hope I don’t bust anyones bubble, but when you look around anywhere at a group of people, probably at least 65% of the adults would have sex with a Child.
    Please don’t get upset with me, we can debate any of this, but please watch this video and read all you can of this post and link to another post(all posts of this type are backed up by documentation and/or a study).

    • Susan Lewis says:

      Thank you Robert. I will check it out. Appreciate it and will get back to you.

      And, no, I’m not a parent but thanks for the compliment.

      • Blackhorn33 says:

        Susan, with your reply, you enforce my feeling that you are the stuff good parents are made of.
        Have a good sunday! As I look at a new born little Girl, the tears are still hot on my cheeks for the little 1-year-old Girl that apparently few people even noticed her coming, nor her leaving.
        But she meant something to me, and I will post about her, I can do no less.