Go ahead – continue to judge me.

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Uncategorized


These words resonated with me yesterday. They are a comment someone left to me:

If you honestly think it is then you’re a far more horrible person than those men, and you should do some serious soul searching. (His response to a woman using pepper spray to deal with two men who were verbally abusive to us on a dark and deserted street).

This was in response to this blog post that caused quite a flurry of accusations and judgement of me: https://idisagreecompletely.com/2013/07/29/youre-bangable/

Now, I have no problem with anyone reading my writing and commenting. In fact, I enjoy it enormously, as any writer will attest to.

But there’s a big difference between disliking a story and attacking the character and mental health of the author.

But I would like to say to those who do judge me – please continue.

I won’t judge you for sitting in your ivory tower, looking down on those who are in the trenches, attempting to improve the human condition of those around them.

I won’t judge you for NOT helping me with human trafficking. I understand it is too difficult for you to get your hands dirty as you lift up a 8-year old child up who was sold into the sex slavery industry. You might get dirt on your Polo shirt and that would be a travesty.

I won’t judge you for not helping your woman neighbor who is getting beaten. It’s rude of her to disturb you while you watch TV at night.

I won’t judge you for walking past and ignoring the beating a dog is receiving or the one that has been tied up and starved in the backyard. It’s understandable that you would close your curtains and do nothing.

I am easy to judge. I can’t blame you. I write about my life for all to see. I write stories of courageous and horrible people. I spend time with convicted felons. Yes, there is something very wrong with me and I appreciate you taking the time to point it out.

You should also judge me for not being strong enough. For breaking down in the middle of the night when it gets to me. I should be braver and stop complaining when I just found out that the funding we were hoping for was cut. I should just take it on the chin and stop whining.

Judge me for not being able to sustain a long term relationship with a man and being middle-aged and alone. Judge me for my tears and heartbreak and tell me I need to do more.

And don’t forget to judge me for having cats. Yes. I have cats and we all know what that means, right?

I am glad you pointed out my imperfections as you sit behind your monitor. I look at your posts and have yet to see you reveal one interesting thing about yourself. But you are really good at re-sharing! You’ve brought that into an art form!

Am I mad? No. Not at all. I can hold my own and stand on my own two feet, all by myself.

I am sad for you. I am sad that you think it’s wrong for a woman to defend herself.

I am sad that you sit there and look down upon those that have the guts to try to do something with little or no money or time.

So please….continue to judge me and I’ll continue to write with the hopes that it will keep pissing you off.

  1. No judging coming from me. I admire your plain speaking and your ability to triumph over some of the a…holes in this world. You have great depths of compassion. So please…. keep on pissing them off.

  2. Equus spirit says:

    Want me to slap him for you? Sounds like he needs a good one!

  3. You write based on personal experiences and behind those stories, you are conveying a message. I find that you’re brave as not everyone would want to use their life stories as teaching points.
    Dear Susan, haters gonna hate. Please continue to inspire, motivate and educate more people! Haters are just a small fraction of our human population. Press on! 🙂